BourneFit is the Premier Bournemouth Personal Training Studio, a fresh, individual approach to exercise offering great results. Why choose BourneFit

Current fitness offer

PT sessions for 20

The perfect boost to your health and fitness, Personal Training for just 20! It can be tough to get going, so here's a big incentive. More details

Personal Training

The ultimate in focused workouts, motivation and support. We cover all aspects of training, lifestyle and nutrition offering ongoing support to help you achieve your goals. A choice of 1-2-1 and Group Personal Training.
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Sports Massage

Sports Massage uses deeper techniques to effectively treat a range of conditions including muscular aches and pains, injuries, poor posture and repetive strains. More on Sports Massage

Weight Loss Experts

Our expertise is in healthy, scientific and long term weight loss. We use a sustainable approach to food and exercise that gives you energy and improves health because long term there is no other way. More on weight loss

Bournemouth Personal Training Studio

BourneFit PT Studio is dedicated exclusively to Personal Training hosting a range of full commercial equipment. This allows us to concentrate on fun, focused training always aimed towards the client. Tour the studio

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